Sample Products
Mianyang Stripe

A blend of functionality and style, our Mianyang Stripe comes in 19 vibrant colors. Weighing 393 grams per square meter, this fabric provides 80%-95% shading, thanks to its black silk interlayer that provides effective insulation and noise reduction. Crafted from three-layer thickened high-count and high-density fabric, it offers durability and a natural drape. The fabric's exquisite sliver texture feels soft and smooth to the touch, while its personalized color stitching suits a variety of home styles. Woven on imported looms through a meticulous process of over 100 steps, the end product enhances any space with its high-end aesthetic.
Oriental Landscape

Our Oriental Landscape fabric features an abstract Dongshan landscape graphic jacquard, lending an artistic touch to any space. With 15 color options, the fabric weighs 429 grams per square meter. Its three-layer woven technology ensures a high physical shading rate of 88%-99%. The fabric has a shiny surface and a delicate touch, boasting both good texture and elegance. This fabric is particularly well-suited to modern and light luxury styles.

With 18 colors and a weight of 414 grams per square meter, our Log fabric provides an 85%-95% shading rate due to its three-layer woven design. Yarn-dyed weaving technology ensures superior color fastness and a perfect color blend, making this fabric a vibrant addition to any space. The scratch-resistant and durable back fabric, along with the front vertical jacquard, creates an illusion of extended space. With its wabi-sabi style, it lends a unique retro charm appealing to modern young consumers.

The Mississippi fabric, available in 16 colors and weighing 393 grams per square meter, utilizes a three-layer woven process to provide a shading rate of 80%-95%. The high-count, high-density fabric drapes naturally and has a durable finish. Soft, smooth, and delicate, this fabric provides sound and heat insulation and strong light-proof qualities, perfect for creating a serene sleep environment.

For those seeking a rustic, environmentally-friendly option, our Mars fabric is the perfect fit. Available in 15 colors and weighing 464 grams per square meter, it uses three-layer woven technology to provide a shading rate of 80%-95%. Its urban color style is achieved through 3-color cationic color registration technology, resulting in a full and vibrant surface. With a natural, casual, and coarse feel, this fabric is suitable for Chinese style, wabi-sabi style, and Japanese style interiors.
Double-side paint

Our Double-side Paint fabric, available in an impressive 38 colors, weighs 357 grams per square meter. This three-layer, high-count, and high-density fabric provides a shading rate of 85%-99%, offering sound-proof, heat-insulating, and strong-light-proof qualities. Soft, smooth, and delicate, it ensures each sleep is a pleasure. The naturally draped and durable fabric makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of style and function.